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Generation 1
Transformers: Nemesis


In the beginning, there was Primus and Unicron...
The Light and the Dark...
Good and Evil...

The two brothers Battled through the ages...
until primus finally sacrificed himself to subdue his evil brother.
Primus became Cybertron...
and the Transformers, were born.

Peace reigned for a time, until war began amongst the cybertronians.
Eventually, Unicron would once more be awakened...
only to be subdued once again by the power of Primus... the matrix.

With Unicron seemingly destroyed for good...
and the power of primus diminished...
spread out upon his cybertronians and held within his chosen creation; " The Prime"...
The war of the brothers had come to an end... or did it?

In the beginning, there was Primus and Unicron...
But there was another...

He awakens from his slumber, alerted by the final destruction of one of his siblings. The energy signature that dissipates throughout the cosmos has finally reached him; here at the end of the universe. He reaches out further into the cosmos to sense his other brother, but finds a faint trace of his essence, scattered across the center of the universe. What has happened to his brothers? What could have destroyed one, and weakened the other so? He meditates in deep thought, for what seems like an eternity. Maybe it is? He is as ageless as he is timeless, for he has mastered space and time himself. What has happened to his younger brothers? He ponders once more, fearing his worst fears have come to pass. Their sibling squabble has finally become the end of them. They've finally destroyed themselves in their never ending battle, and they've left their brother alone. Alone. He remembers alone, the time before Unicron and Primus came to be. He remembers alone... and does not like it. Something must be done he thinks to himself.

" I must not be left alone !!!!!!!! "

The thunderous voice roars throughout the cosmos, shattering nearby planets as the timeless one awakens the power within him; using his voice for the 1st time in millenia. Reaching out once more, he "feels" the universe, and the creatures that inhabit it. He reaches out to all the technology and data he can find. He "reads" the universe with a seemingly powerful form of telepathy. He reaches for the information he needs, and pieces together the history and events that have befallen his younger brothers. He discovers the fate of Primus, and his creations, the transformers. He knows of cybertron and the cybertronians. He knows of the war amongst them. He knows of the matrix, and the Primes that have held it. He also learns of Unicron, and the fate that befell him at the hand of the creations of Primus. He sees all of this.. and speaks once more.
" Primus. Unicron. What have you done to yourselves? How can beings as powerful and mighty as yourselves lose sight of your destiny so easily. There must be a way to save you both from yourselves. If there is a way, I will find it. For I am the timeless one. I control space and time itself. I I WILL bring you both back. Together, we will achieve our destinies as we should have so long ago..."
Alone. he feels it once more. something must be done... and it starts with the loneliness.
" Primus. It was a useless sacrifice to diminish yourself so much so much for your creation... but it was a unique idea, used sparingly. I to, will bear horsemen in my new era; though not so many as you had birthed. There shall be... four. Four horsemen, to herald my return to existence, and act as harbingers of my will. I will retain my power for myself, and just enough to return you and your brother to your rightful places. And most of all... for now... I will not be alone..."
The fabric of time and space bends around him. The power emanating from him is glorious. He pause for a moment... then it begins.


" Legion. Come forth my first horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the power of time itself..."
" Endgame. Come forth my second horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the knowledge of the universe..."
" Warfare. Come forth my third horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the strength and power of your creator..."
" Bastion. Come forth my fourth and final horseman. You shall have my finest attribute. A small portion of myself; the control of the cosmos..."

They stand there, the four of them. A new and mighty creation. Their creator looks upon them, and he is pleased. The Black metallic gloss gleams from their armor. The glare of golden energy dissipates from their eyes. Like shadows enveloped in the light of gold, they stand before their master, and the one called Legion speaks.

" Our Father... your will be done. Tell us; by what name shall we call you? "

He hovers above them, enveloping them in his mighty shadow.

" My children... Call me by name. Call me by the name not spoken since my brothers Primus and Unicron shared my presence. Call me...

End Prelude...

Chapter One: " Identity Crisis "

Cybertron - Autobot city

He sits there, alone in his quarters. The ceremony is about to begin. He should be there by now... what is keeping him from going? Is it his emotions? How can he even explain it he thinks to himself. He should be happy he thinks, and he is.. but he is also filled with sadness. Why? It has been only days since the return of Optimus Prime. He is happy he is alive and well. He knows that giving Optimus back the matrix and mantle of leadership was the right thing to do... right? So why does he feel this empty.
He was Hot Rod once upon a time, immature and rash. Then he was reformatted into Rodimus Prime as the wise Autobot Leader. Now... now he wonders who he is. What place do I have amongst the Autobots? He is neither Hot Rod nor Rodimus Prime no longer. He speaks quietly to himself...

" Who am I..."

" What a silly question Rodimus. What are you still doing here all by your lonesome? "

She stands at the doorway to his quarters. He must have been so deep into thought, he didn't notice the door slide open. Arcee. His friend and close autobot companion. She has always been there for him he thinks. He is not surprised to see her now at this time. He had been so busy recently with the mantle of leadership, that their friendship had seemingly drifted further apart. He had a job to do... and so did she. What now? he thinks to himself. Is this the beginning of something new? What new events will life throw at him now...

" Arcee. What are you doing here? "

" Rodimus, I... The ceremony is about to start. I did'nt see you there. I just came by to look for you... what are you still doing here? "

" It's just Hot Rod now Arcee... Theres only one Prime now, and that Optimus."

" ...No. Hot Rod is gone. You've changed since then. No... you're Rodimus. And if it's any consolation, you'll always be Prime in my book."

They stare at one another for a brief second. What is this feeling that envelops his being? He is uncomfortable at the moment.. hes gotta say something, anything...

" Arcee...I..I was just gonna get going, I just had some errands to do thats all..."

" Why do you always do that Rodimus? I mean, I let it slide when you had your leadership duties, but you don't have that burden any longer... You can't just ignore your feelings. Why do you always push me away? "

" What?!!.. I don't know what your talking about..."

" Fine Rodimus. Be that way... I'll see you at the ceremony. Dont trip and break a fender on your way there..."

As she turns to leave, he feels a tug at the center of his being. Don't let her walk out that door just yet he thinks to himself. You've always run away from your emotions. Don't do it now... say something to her. She has always been there for you.. if youd just let her in...

"Arcee, wait...o.k., you're right. I don't handle my feelings very well, I know that. In fact, lately.. I've just been kinda in a "funk" or something, I don't know how to explain it. I'm happy for Optimus, you know? But as for myself, theres a sense of emptiness. A lack of purpose i guess... I don't know. I guess I'm just afraid of what the future will bring..."

She walks back in, and stands before him, taking him by the hand.

" Oh Rodimus... I can't imagine how it feels, to have walked in your shoes. But if its one thing iv'e noticed about you, it's that somehow, someway.. you'll persevere. You always have. I just want you to know... whatever happens, i'm still here. Theres never a reason to feel emptiness..."

" Arcee.. I .."

More words may have been said.... had they not been interrupted. Neither of them had noticed their comrade walking into the doorway.

" Hey Rodimus, get yer no good fender outta bed and... oh... hey Arcee. Whats..whats goin on here? "

Rodimus shakes his hands loose from Arcee's and responds to his best friend.

" Springer !!! What are you doin here? What is this, walk into my room day or somethin? "

" Heh, don't flatter yerself buddy. I just took it upon myself to drag yer lazy butt into the ceremony.. Ultra Magnus sent me. Everybody's just waiting on you..."

" They are? I mean...yeah, i was just headed out... Arcee and i were just talking..."

" Talking? About what? I mean, Rodimus, you and i are best friends... theres nothing you couldn't tell me, right? "

" Of course bro !! It was nothing important, just small talk is all. Arcee came to get my lazy fender out as well, heh. C'mon, lets get outta here, were late... Arcee, you comin? "

" Yeah Rodimus. Ill catch up with you and Springer shortly, I promised i'd pick up Daniel before the ceremony... i'll be right behind you guys..."

" Alright.. lets get goin Springer. "

"Sure, lets get. Oh, and Arcee? If there's ever anything you got on your shoulders, I'm also available to chat with... I'll see ya around. "

As they leave, Arcee stands there briefly before leaving herself, thinking about what has just transpired. She heads towards the doorway, muttering below her breath...

" Yeah Rodimus... Nothin important..."

Springer and Rodimus head down the corridors towards the great hall, where the cybertronian ceremony for the return of Optimus Prime is about to commence. Springer is the first to speak.

" So buddy. Wanna tell me what was goin on back there? "

" I told ya springer.. it was nothin really. Arcee was just wondering where I was, and then you walked in. Thats it."

" Really? Hmmph. Well, whatever man. I just got one question for ya..."

" yeah? whats that? "

" ... Just what the heck do I call you nowadays ? Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime ? "

He looks up, and ponders a bit before responding. He thinks of Arcee, and her words echo in his mind. He understands.

" ... It's just Rodimus now. "

Chapter 2: " Reunion "

Cybertron - Autobot City Grand Hall

He can hear them beyond the curtain. They call his name. It feels good he thinks to himself, good to be back. To be amongst his friends and comrades once more. But then his thoughts turn elsewhere.


He has heard of what had happened to him. How he became Galvatron, a more powerful, yet more maddening version of his former self - Thanks in part to his predecessor, Rodimus Prime. This is his day he thinks to himself, but he just cant shake the feeling that something bad will happen. If ever the Decepticons were to strike, it would surely be this day. It is his nature... he cannot stop thinking about the welfare of his people. Thankfully, he has companions to shake him out of his thoughts from time to time...

" Earth to Prime, Earth to Prime.. anyone there? "

" Bumble Bee... we are on Cybertron, not Earth."

" Geez Optimus, I now that. Get a sense of humor. Whats buggin ya big guy? "

" The decepticons... I think they may attack today. It's what Megatron would do. "

" Megatron? That guy is gone now Prime. The only guy you gotta worry about now is that looney, Galvatron."

" Bumble Bee... We must still be as ever vigilant as possible with the decepticons. I want a perimeter set up around the hall. Wheres Magnus? I want him leading the duty..."

" Relax old timer, I'm right here. "

Ultra Magnus walks in to room. He walks over, and puts his hand on his long time friends shoulder. He speaks.

" Optimus. Don't worry. Its already been taken care of. Kup is leading the duty, along with Jazz, Blaster, Jetfire, Grimlock, and the other Dinobots. Today is your day. Enjoy it. Quit being the great leader we know you are, and just be,,, Optimus for a day, hmm? "

"... You left the Dinobots in charge of perimeter duty? "

" Prime !!! "

" O.k, O.k., Ha!! Alright Magnus, you win for today. Lets just get this over with. You know how I am with ceremonies. I'd have been fine without one, but you kept insisting..."

" I know. It seemed right. We always have one when a new Prime takes leadership. And now we'll have one for the return of a Prime. Besides, it wasn't all y idea. Bumble Bee here took on most of the planning..."

Bumble Bee looks up at magnus, and then Prime. He speaks.

" Aw shucks guys, what, you tryin to turn my paint red? I just got this yellow coating finished !!! "

Prime looks at two of his greatest friends, and can't help but remember those that couldn't be here to share his moment with him. He lifts his fist up into the air, and speaks once more.

" To old friends who couldn't be here with us... Prowl...Ironhide...Ratchet. if only they could've been here. So many lost in this ever raging war. When will it end Magnus? How many of our comrades will die before this is over? "

" Ah Optimus. Were soldiers. We all new the risk. Today.. today, we just want to celebrate having you back. Hold on, I have a surprise for ya. I called in a favor, and had a special invitation sent out for ya. Bumble Bee took care of the transportation here as well. Come Bumble Bee, i need you to run over to Jazz and give him a message for me...I've also gotta get goin, gotta find Rodimus if we're ever going to get this thing started."

" You do? But i'm gonna miss the cere..."

" Bumble Bee !! Get out of here now..."

" But why? I just wanna...ooooooh, yeah, right. Gotcha Magnus. Leaving Now..."

Optimus Prime watches as his two friends leave him. He speaks...

" Where are you going? Where's Rodimus? Isn't the ceremony starting now?..."

Then he hears the voice. It has been a long time since he has heard it. He is surprised as he is happy to hear it once more...

" Optimus. I would think that Rodimus would be the last thing on your mind, or at least hope that I was at the top of your mind..."

" Elita One !!! what are you doing here? I mean, * ahem * What a surprise. I'm... I'm Glad you came. "

" Oh Optimus... I would'nt have missed this for the universe. I'm just so happy you're back. I was able to get away from my leadership duties. I left Chromia in charge and when I got the invitation from Magnus, I just..I had to..."

No other words need be spoken, as Optimus takes her into his arms. The embrace speaks for itself.

" It's good to see you to Ariel..."

Chapter 3: " Darkness Falls "

Ultra Magnus Hurries down the corridors with Bumble Bee in search of Rodimus. Rodimus is supposed to lead off the ceremonies with Optimus Induction speech, but he is nowhere to be found. Magnus is worried. He can only imagine how this whole experience has been for Rodimus. It has only been days Since the return of Optimus, and since then, he has not had much chance to talk with Rodimus Since the " Hate Plague" incident. Worry turns to ease, as he sees Springer down the hallway coming towards him; with Rodimus in tow. Magnus calls out to him.

" Rodimus !! Where have you been? You're late... is everything o.k.? "

" Everythings fine Magnus. I'm sorry i was late... guess I lost track of the time. So, where is the big guy at? "

" Optimus is waiting up ahead. Come, lets get this ceremony started. The cybertronians are getting antsy..."

The four of them head back to the chambers where Optimus and Elita One await. Rodimus heads in first, and watches as Optimus and Elita embrace.

"... * Ahem*... Sorry to interrupt Optimus... I can wait outside if you..."

" No Rodimus, it's o.k. Come on in friend. I wanted to talk to you briefly before we head out. A moment Elita? "

" Sure Optimus. I'll be right outside with Magnus and the others..."

Elita walks out and leaves the two autobot leaders to speak. At first, the initial silence is uncomfortable. Then Optimus breaks the silence...

" Rodimus. We haven't had much time to talk much since the "hate plague" incident. I just wanted to tell you..."

" Hey Optimus, it's o.k. I'm Fine. I'm just happy to see you back. We all are. Giving you back the matix of leadership and the mantle it bears was something i was happy to do. I'm still here, and it's a privilege to serve by your side once again."

Optimus puts his hand on Rodimus shoulder and speaks again.

" Rodimus... I was going to tell you... I don't blame you for my "death". I know your heart, and I know you were trying to help. I also wanted to tell you... that I am proud of who you have become. Your tenure as autobot commander left you with a high regard amongst your comrades. You need to know that. I'm proud to have you by my side soldier. "

" Optimus, I... thank you sir. I dont know what to say."

" Don't say anything. Lets just get this over with. You look almost as uncomfortable with going out those curtains as I am...I take it you never got used to the ceremonious speeches either?"

" Ha !! I never would've thought, you, Optimus... Ha. Magnus was right...I guess I did take a little bit after you... Yeah. Lets get this show Going. "

The cheers outside continue, until the curtain opens, and Rodimus and Optimus Prime step through it. Behind them ,their companions Ultra Magnus, Bumble Bee, Springer, and Elita One. Below, Daniel Witwickey watches on the shoulders of his autobot friend, Arcee.

" Arcee, I see em !! Optimus, it's daniel, down here !!! "

His speech is drowned out by the deafening roar of cheering cybertronians. Finally, the roar settles, as Rodimus takes the podium, and speaks.

" Fellow cybertronians, welcome. Today marks the beginning of a new era once more, as we welcome back into our midst, a great autobot leader... and a great cybertronian symbol. You know who this is. His very image inspires us all. People.. I give you, Autobot Commander - Optimus Prime !!! "

The cheers grow once more. Optimus Prime takes the podium, and speaks.

" Cybertronians...thank you. It is an honor and a privilege to stand before you. I am not a robot of many words, so ill just say them. I promise to continue to fight against the tyranny of the decepticons, until the threat is finished. But most importantly, I promise to find a better way to help cybertron flourish, and bring peacetime back to it. I owe alot of thanks to my comrade here... and I want to take this time to applaud his tenure as autobot commander in my stead. Thank you Rodimus Prime..."

The crowd cheers once more as Rodimus looks on. He looks up towards Optimus, and Optimus Prime speaks to him...

" Well done Rodimus, you've earned it. "

Optimus looks on, and continues.

" The war has come a long way since its incarnation here on cybertron. It has affected many planets. Now... it affects a special planet that means a lot more than many of you think it may. Earth. The energon that earth wields is enormous, and the planet remains crucial to cybertrons future. I didn't want to make this decision at this time, but here i feel the time is now. I..."

Optimus looks over to his comrades below, and to his side. He finishes his sentence...

"... there is a need for an autobot presence on earth full time. The decepticons have made there stand there, and I intend to stop them. I plan to take a part of the autobot forces... and make a stand on earth. I.. I am leaving cybertron indefinitely..."

The crowd talks amongst themselves. What does this mean for cybertron? Who will fight for their behalf? lead them? Optimus Prime continues...

" So I have made a decision. As leader of the autobots, I have sought council with the ancestors within the matrix. I have decided that there will no longer be a Prime..."

The crowd suddenly gets louder, voicing many concerns and worry. What is going on here... Optimus continues...

" ...There will no longer be a Prime... but TWO of them. Yes. thats right. The war has gotten larger, and while I may be away for awhile, never again will cybertron be left without a Prime of its own to fight for them. We saw what happened the last time I left.. and I apologize for leaving the autobots here for so long. Never again. The ancestors within the matrix helped me to make this decision, and they have also helped me to do something else... the impossible..."

Optimus Prime opens his chest, and removes the Matrix of Leadership. It shines brightly, before being pulled apart... into two pieces !!!

" The Matrix has been reformatted.. into two pieces. One shall remain with me. The other, shall remain with the other Prime... the Prime chosen by the ancestors themselves. He will remain here on cybertron and fight on your behalf for peace."

Rodimus Finally interrupts.

" Optimus, what have you done? The matrix.. the power split into two? How? Who will house the other piece? "

" Isn't it obvious friend? The ancestors... they chose you..."

Optimus hands the Matrix piece over to Rodimus.

" Please friend... take it. You Must."

Rodimus stands there briefly, before doing what he knows is right. He takes the Matrix, and puts in back within the camber within his chest. He speaks.

" I'm Honored. I will do my best..."

" I know you will Rodimus... Rodimus Prime."

Optimus and Rodimus Prime stand there as the crowd looks on, cheering the two primes. They Cheer until the skies above begin to darken. The starlights above dim, as a shadow commences down upon them. Daniel Witwickey looks up, and speaks.

" Arcee... what is that? "

" I don't know Daniel... I don't know..."

The darkness comes down upon the grand hall, and stops before the podium... hovering before the two Primes. Suddenly, the dark cloud forms. The darkness around comes back into center, and the form of a black armored transformer is revealed... Golden energy beaming from his eyes. Finally, he speaks.

" I am Legion. I am the harbinger of Nemesis. You and your kind have been deemed an abomination and must be eradicated, if my master is to be reunited with his brothers. But first...I must take from you the source. The Matrix. Give it to me. Give it to me, so that I may finally erase you all from existence..."

His name is Legion... and he is the beggining of the end...

Chapter 4: " A Time To Kill "

Legion hovers there before all of cybertron. He stands defiant before the two autobot leaders, and speaks with a voice that utters the sound of death itself...

" I've come for the Prime. Tell me where he is..."

Optimus notices that Legion is unmarked.. there is no insignia. Is he decepticon? where is he from? They stand there quiet before Bumble Bee speaks.

" I'm the Prime. you want some of me? Come get some..."

" Bumble Bee, what are you doing !!?? "

Ultra Magnus's words are lost on Bumble Bees ears, as Legion looks down upon Bumble Bee and raises his fist. A golden glow of energy forms around it, as Bumble Bee is suddenly swallowed by the energy. Rodimus jumps into the fray to stop the assault.

" Bumble Bee !!! Get off of him, I'm the Prime. you want a Prime? Take me.. take all of me !!! "

Rodimus pushes Bumble Bee out of the assault, and tears into Legion guns blazing. Bumble falls into the arms of Ultra Magnus, as magnus looks over the badly destroyed chest cavity of Bumble Bee. He speaks to him...

" Hang in there little fella.. your going to be o.k. That .. that was brave Bee.. stupid, but brave... Springer !! Help me, I need you to get Bumble Bee to the nearest medic. I need to get Prime outta here...Go !!! "

" Prime, which one? Your gonna need more help here if your gonna take that guy down..."

" Just go Springer. I'm gonna get both Primes outta here. Besides, the calvary's just arrived..."

Grimlock and the Dinobots enter the fray. Grimlock tackles Legion, and brings him down into the ground below, as the crowd scatters away form the fight. Optimus shouts his orders.

" Magnus, we need everyone we've got, here at the grand hall now !! We don't know what we are dealing with here... this being is no decepticon that i've ever heard of... Magnus, what are you doing? "

" Optimus... you're too important.. you and Rodimus. We need to get you outta here to strategize our forces..."

" No Magnus. My place is here, amongst my soldiers. Get Elita One out of here to safety. Grimlock needs me..."

Rodimus Stares at the battle below, and back at Magnus. Jetfire, Blaster, and Jazz arrive Then He speaks.

" You know Magnus, you should listen to Optimus. Take Elita to safety. And while your at it... take Optimus to..."

Rodimus shoves Optimus into the arms of the the four transformers, and shouts his orders.

" Protect Optimus, go now !!!"

Rodimus Jumps over the balcony and into the fight below, as Optimus struggles in the arms of his comrades and shouts at him...

" Rodimus, nooooo !!!!!!! "

Grimlock tears into Legion with a ferocity unseen before. Grimlock knows this battle is unlike any other hes been in before. Legion... he is strong, powerful. For the first time, in a long time... Grimlock feels fear. His companions, the Dinobots share in the fight until Legion takes their leader Grimlock by the head, and hurls him into the air. Legion stands up and speaks.

" Enough !!! "

The rest of the dinobots charge Legion, and suddenly he is no more. They look around frantically, until Legion finally appears behind the dinobots swoop and snarl. But it is too late. The searing blades of golden energy appear out from their stomaches, and the blades pierce them from there back sides. Legion rips the blades upwards with a mighty thrust, until the two dinobots fall apart, dead. Rodimus and the other two dinobots stare in disbelief. Dinobot Slag responds.

" brothers... you MURDERER !!! "

" No Slag, Sludge, we take him together..."

Rodimus words go unheard, as the two dinobots charge legion one last time. Legion simply smirks as he disappears again. Only his words can be heard...

" Fools. I am a master of time itself. I cannot be defeated. I cannot be undone by mere creations such as yourselves... if only your father loved you more... as mine has me. For he has bestowed upon me great power, while you were created weak. For this reason, you shall perish..."

He appears once more, arrogantly standing in front of Slag. With lightning fast speed that goes unseen, Slag is torn to pieces, limb from limb. Sludge Is the final victim, as his head is severed by a seemingly gust of wind. Rodimus looks in horror and disbelief. Is he this fast? He thinks to himself... It was so fast it was unseen... how powerful is Legion? Rodimus looks around, and knows he is alone. The others will get away to safety he thinks to himself. It would be a noble sacrifice. He's got to give them more time. Then he thinks of his friends. Springer. Daniel.. Arcee? He finds it odd that she is the last thing on his mind as he prepares for the possibility of death... but no. He cannot think of that now. He is the Prime once more. He has a duty to the safety of those around him... and he will see this battle through. Rodimus opens his chest, and removes the Matrix of leadership... he speaks.

" Legion this ends now. I am the true Prime you're looking for. If this is what you want.. then you can have it..."

Rodimus Prime begins to open the matrix, and unleash its power. He knows what the matrix is capable of, and Attempts to use its power to undo the monstrosity that is Legion...

" Now... Light our darkest hour !!!! "

Legion is soon enveloped in the primal energies that spew from the Matrix. Legion feels pain... for the 1st time in his short life.

" No..Nooo !! what is happening to me??? "

Legion may well have been destroyed, had it not been for his brothers.


They arrive at once, as Bastion shoots Rodimus in the back, dropping the matrix of leadership. Legion is badly injured. His brother Bastion picks him up, and speaks.

" You are weak my brother. Our father wishes us home now. However.. we will arrive victorious ... with this..."

Bastion picks up the matrix. Rodimus, injured on the ground; looks on and reaches out to it...

" No.. the matrix... argh.. can't have it..."

No? Whos going to stop us? Certainly not you. You were supposed to be Primus's chosen one? Pathetic. Your Father doesn't love you... otherwise he wouldn't have made you so weak..."

Bastion finishes his words as he raises his large cannon at Rodimus head.

" We are leaving now. We've got what we need. But before we go, as tedious as killing you all might be at this moment in time... i'll kill you now for the pleasure of it..."

"Rodimus, get down !!!!!!!!! "

The words come up from behind, as Kup runs in with the rest of the calvary, guns blazing at the black shadowed warriors. Bastion looks on and smiles before speaking.

" Hmmph. Pathethic. Foolish and pathetic. Are all cybertronians eager to die? Very well Prime. We will do this another time. I have no time for this now. But before I leave, i'll give you something to remember me by..."

Suddenly, the space around Kup begins to crush him. Kup screams in agony, as he is crushed inwards. Rodimus screams for his long time mentor...

" Kup, nooooo!!!! "

Bastion ceases his assault, and laughs before speaking.

" Ha !! Come my brothers. Let us leave these weaklings to recover there dead. Let them fear us, as we give message of the coming doom.. NEMESIS comes for you now. Know this, know fear. Now...let us go to the Father..."

With nothing more than the blink of an eye, they are gone. Rodimus gathers himself, and crawls to the fallen Kup, who is barely there.

" Kup... you can't die... you can't..."

" Erghh.. eh.. ah Hot Rod.. * cough * ... Rodimus.. it's my turn now. I'm an old time is done..."

" No kup, its not.. we still need ya old timer... I still need you..."

" Rodimus... we..we've been through a lot together you and I... and i'm glad i had the privelage of watching you mature... you're gonna make it... "

" Why... you should've let him kill me..."

" Rod..Rodimus... you look at me boy !!! I would have taken your place in death any other time. Don't you start second guessing yourself again. Enough of that. You are the Prime now. Act..act like it soldier...commander... Do me pro..proud son.. do me pr....* "

Kup dies in Rodimus arms. Grimlock returns to the scene and lets out a loud shriek over the fallen bodies of his fellow dinobots. Arcee arrives and falls beside Rodimus as she mourns over Kup. Finally, Optimus Prime and his comrades Springer, Ultra Magnus, and the others reach the aftermath of the scene. Rodimus looks up to Optimus while holding Kup, and speaks...

" They... they killed them.. killed them all. He took the matrix Prime.. it's gone. They were like animal shadows...they had no mercy..."

Optimus surveys his surroundings once more, and responds.

"... Then we will find them. And when we do... neither will we... show them mercy..."

Chapter 5: " The War Within "

Somewhere in space...

He has been searching alone, for days.. weeks, aboard his starship. It was not long ago, that Optimus Prime released the Matrix's energy, as it washed over his "Hate Plague" infected body... body and soul. The madness that had consumed him has since been destroyed... only to be replaced by a new madness. The voice in his head. It speaks to him. He feels the constant struggle for control of his body, as he wars within his very own mind. It is the very reason he has sought out the one who may be able to restore his sanity. His name is Galvatron... but it wasn't always his name. Megatron. He was destroyed.. a shell of his former self, reformatted by the mighty Unicron. It is Unicron he seeks out now, his only hope to be whole once more. In his thoughts, the voice haunts him once more...

" Galvatron... why do you keep fighting me? You will not escape me... I will not be denied !!! "

" You again... get out of my head !!! I am Galvatron, no one threatens me and lives. I will find you, whoever you are, and I will make you pay for this invasion !!! "

" Whoever I am? Come now Galvatron... you already know who I am..."

Galvatron decides to ignore the voice for now, as his ship comes upon his destination. The head of Unicron, has finally been located. He docks and boards the sleeping giant, and continues to think to himself. What has happened to himself since the " Hate Plague" incident? What has Prime done to him? The matrix was supposed to " cure" him, but instead, he has been driven even more insane by the voice that haunts his soul. He ponders even deeper... Had the Matrix cured Galvatron on a deeper level? What does it mean to be cured of Unicron's reformatting? He focuses once more upon reaching the core of Unicron's head. He can see the neural processors, and notices that someone has been working on them. Galvatron draws his cannon, as he realizes that he is not alone...

" Come out of the shadows... I know you are there.. show yourself. "

" Come now old friend. Is that any way to treat an old comrade?..."

The Familiar face steps out of the shadows, and reveals himself to his former comrade. Galvatron looks him over and points his cannon at him and speaks..."

" Starscream. I've killed you before, and I'll do it again... Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast you into oblivion right here and now..."

Starscream doesn't budge as Galvatron makes his threats. Instead, he steps closer and smiles with confidence before responding.

" You won't kill me dear old Galvatron. You see, I know why you're here. We want the same thing, and only I can help you achieve your goal..."

" Oh? Tell me Starscream, what are you doing here, out here in the vastness of space... what have you been doing here !? "

" Galvatron, isn't it obvious? I noticed you looking over Unicrons neural connectors earlier. You know that It was me, who's been trying to get Unicron back online. Ever since you and the wretched Autobots sent Unicron and myself screaming into space, I have been trying to awaken the sleeping giant, so that together, we might avenge ourselves. When Unicron made my new body, i was content. But now I realize that he made you stronger, and if he could do that for you... he could do it for me..."

Galvatron looks at Starcsream once more, before lowering his cannon, laughing...

" Ha...Hahahaha !!! Starscream you fool !! Last time Unicron saw you, you had betrayed him. What makes you think he would help the likes of you? "

Starscream steps even closer before rashly responding.

" Shut up Galvatron !! If memory serves me, I believe it was not long ago that you had betrayed him as well. I did'nt see you trying to help him as the autobots suceesfully destroyed his neural connectors..."

Galvatron Knocks Starscream to the ground, and hovers over his head with his cannon. Galvatron speaks.

" Careful Starscream. The next words that come out of your mouth may be your last... Tell me, why would the mighty Galvatron even need help from someone as pitiful as you? "

Starscream raises himself up from the ground, with Galvatron still raising his Cannon to his head. Starscream responds.

" Because oh high and mighty Galvatron... it is I who has repaired Unicrons neural connectors. All that is needed is a new Power Source... something that will help to kick start his ressucitation if you will. And when I find that power source... because of the work i've done, only I can make it work..."

Galvatron lowers his weapon and Looks over Starscream once more before speaking.

" Then today Starscream, you are in luck. Not only do you get to live... but you also get yo attempt to keep your word. You see... I've brought with me the power source you may speak of. I carry energon onboard my starship. A great amount. Perhaps this power source is sufficient to do what you say you can do...."

Galvatron gets up close to Starscreams face and raises his voice to him.

" Come, get on my ship and bring the energon here. Restore Unicron. If you fail me and waste my precious energon, I will surely destroy you for good. You will NOT be coming back..."

Starscream follows Galvatron to the ship hastily, and with no response. Together they begin their work. Time passes as they feed the Mainfraime of Unicron with energon. Soon, the neural connectors begin to spark. Life Begins to flow once more through the sleeping Giant.

Unicron is once more.

Galvatron and Starscream stand there in awe... and fear. Fear, because they both know that Unicron may desire vengeance upon their heads, for each of their betrayals. They know that only thier inteligence and cunning can keep them alive. It is the gambit they have played. Unicron Finally utters his first words...

" Who has awakened me ? Who has delivered Unicron from the grasp of oblivion? Step forward, and be rewarded..."

Starscream is the first to speak, and hastily does so.

" It was me Unicron, it was me !!! I repaired your neural connectors, I brought you back, not this betrayer here next to me. Reward me !! I demand a new and powerful body; so as to enact vengeance upon my enemies. A new body, just like you once made Megatron here into Galvatron. I demand a new body !!! "

Unicron Roars in anger before responding to Starscreams demands.

" You dare !!?? You dare make this demand of Unicron !!?? Unicron shows mercey as he sees fit. No one makes demands of Unicron. !!

Starsream cowers in fear, awaiting destruction at the hands of Unicron... but it does not come. Instead, Unicron speaks once more, this time more calmly.

" Starscream. Unicron is not above pride, but I am also not below wrath. You will not be given a new body. You will live Starscream. you will live and keep your current body. That is your reward. Be content that I've chosen to to kill you yet. "

Galvatron has heard enough, He speaks to his former master, using far more cunning than Starscream has. His cunning. It is why he has ruled the decepticons this long. Galvatron speaks.

" Oh high and mighty Unicron. It is I, Galvatron.. your former herald ans servant. Yes, it is true. I have betrayed my master. But that was a long time ago. I have learned from my transgressons, and humbly come back to you now, asking for a second opportunity to show thee favor. You see, It was I that brought you back online. Without the energon that i brought to you, we would not be having this conversation today. Oh high and mighty your servant mercy this day..."

Unicron pauses for what seems like an eternity before finally responding to Galvatrons words...

" Galvatron. Do not mistake me for a fool. Do not waste my time with your false words of humbleness. Speak boldly now and claim your reward. What is it that you request of Unicron ? "

" Mighty Unicron.. I wish to be cured of the madness that has befallen me. Your enemies, the autobots.. the wretched Matrix of power that destroyed your body.. it has now destroyed my mind. Make me whole again, I beg of you..."

Galvatron may have spoken more words, had he not been interrupted by the very madness he has spoken of...

" No Unicron. It was my subliminal message to come here, that brought Galvatron to you. I am responsible for you're awakening. Restore me, and free me from the wretches of this mad mind. Free me from Galvatron !!! "

Starscream stands there, listening to all that is going on, and shakes in fear once more. The voice that comes out from Galvatrons mouth.. it is familiar to him, and he is afraid. Galvatron covers his mouth, shocked and helpless, as he is no longer able to control the madenning voice in his head. Galvatron screams...

" You see Unicron? The madness... make it stop, take it away from me !!! "

" Yes Unicron.. Free me, for I never betrayed you. I remain you faithful servant..."

The two voices continue to bicker amongst themselves unti Unicron finally understands. He ends it here and now with his voice.

" SILENCE !!!" I will hear no more. Galvatron... you still reak of the stink of the Matrix. It has washed over you, and with that, something very unique has occured. Apparently, whatever had been done to you; the matrix sought to " cure" you of the damages you had recieved to your body. The matrix saw my reformatting as one of the damges. But it could only do so much. Now.. now I understand what has happened. I have also made my decision. Neither one of you three will go unpunished this day. You will all recieve your reward..."

Starscream thinks to himself, confused... "All three" of them? But there is only two of them, isn't there? Soon, Unicron begins to envelop Galvatron in his energy. The reformatting has begun.. or has it? Galvatron screams.. no.. there are TWO screams? Then it happens. the " Madness is pulled from the very being of Galvatron. They, they fall to the floor, and all is quiet. Unicron speaks.

" It is done. Now, you will.. all three of you...continue in my service; Do not give me reason to change my mind and seek to destroy you instead. you will never betray me again. So swears Unicron. Arise my three servants, and swear your alliegance to me !!! "

Starscream Is in shock. Who does he fear more? Unicron, or the " Madness? " Starscream kneels and speaks.

" Starscream pledges his loyalty to you oh mighty Unicron..."

Galvatron is next. Looking over the "Madness" himself, he would just as likely blow it into oblivion with his cannon. His hatred of the " Madness" is great. But for now, he will bide his time. Galvatron speaks.

" Mighty Unicron. Your servant Galvatron...pledges his loyalty to you..."

Finally, the "Madness" rises up, and glances over to Galvatron and then Starscream. The "Madness" smirks, before responding to Unicron.

" Unicron. You have my gratitude once more. You have freed me of my prison, and I am in the oblivion no more...."

The "madness" stands before Galvatron defiant, peering into his eyes with anger, before speaking to Unicron once more.

" MEGATRON pledges his loyalty to you..."

Chapter 6: " Game of Deception "

Earth - Decepticon Hideout...

    Death Valley, California. It is a baren wasteland of heat and dirt. It is not a place that attracts many residents. Perhaps, that is why the location was chosen as the new Decepticon headquarters on Earth. Underground, the decepticons gather as they ready themsleves for the crowning of a new leader. Galvatron has gone missing and the decepticons have held their traditional gladiator tournament to declare their new leader. It was a hard fought battle, but the victor was forseen by all.
Menasor and Devastator would have likely won the tournament, had they not defeated eachother with their vast power.
Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet held their own, but in the end fell to the champion.
Soundwave and the "Sweeps" had elected not to take place in the tournament, believeing Galvatron would soon return.
Cyclonus, and Scourge were surprisingly missing from the tournament...

    The victor used his superior intellect in the contest as always, as he watched the two decepticon "combiners" defeat the 3 "seekers". He then watched as they turnerd on eachother. After enouigh damage to themselves, he entered the fray, and finished them off, taking the crown for himself. It is not a new position for him, as he has lead the decepticons for quite some time already... millions of years to be exact. He is Shockwave, and he is the new decepticon commander.
    They all gather at the newly constructed throne. The crown is presented, as Shockwave enters the room , and takes his place amongst his fellow decepticons. Upon being seated upon the throne, and beinf crowned, he waits just briefly before adressing the warriors before him...

" Fellow Decepticons, it is my honor to once again lead you. Rest assured, our victory over the autobots will come swiftly, and our conquest of cybertron will come rapidly after. Once again, we will reign supreme, and no one will stand against us. This is our rightful place, and soon... I will take you there.. all of you. So says Shockwave !!! "

    The warriors cheer and celebrate the words of their new leader. The celebration would have continued, if not for the sudden opening of the blast doors behind them. As it rises up, Cyclonus and Scourge can be seen emerging from the doorway. Shockwave stands and adresses them...

" How dare you interrupt my ceremony? Have you accepted that the mad Galvatron has finally lost his mind, and he is not returning? Have you come to pledge your allegiance to me?"

    Scourge and Cyclonus say nothing. Instead, a shadowy figure emerges from behind them, and his familiar voice can be heard.

" Shockwave. You dissapoint me... all of you have dissapointed me. Have I been gone for so long that you have forgotten your place? Let me make an example here and now. Here Shockwave... let me remind you of your place !!! "

    A series of blastfire comes from the shadowy figure, and strikes Shockwave off of his pedalstool. The throne is destroyed, as his crown falls to the floor. Finally, the shadowy figure reveals himself, as he steps forward, stepping on the crown and smashing it beneath his foot. Raising his cannon over Shockwaves head, Galvatron Speaks...

" Hmmm... now where have I done this before? Shockwave, I should kill you now, but as it is, I actually need your intellect intact. Get up you pitiful fool. I've come to gather my new army."

    Galvatron lowers his cannon, as Scourge and Cyclonus appear at his side. Quickly, the decepticon "Sweeps" walk over to their bretheren, as Galvatron is reunited with his original army. Galvatron continues to explain his plans...

 "Unicron has been awakened, and we have formed a new alliance with him. There is a new mission to be accomplished. My army is to return to earth, and ready the planet for Unicron. The energon there will be the source of his power, and the planet itself will become his new organic body ,should his new plan succeed. The key is Vector Sigma, at the core of Cyberton. The Key to Vector Sigma is known to hold the power to turn organic matter into metal. Once the key is taken, Unicron will be whole once more, and have his own sustaining power source in the energon that earth so richly produces. Other than that, the autobot matrix of leadership is also to be destroyed..."

    Galvatron looks over to Menasor ans finally down at Shockwave before speaking.

" Menasor, are with me. together, with Scourge, Cyclonus, and the Sweeps, we should be more than able to accomplish our tasks on earth. "

    Thrust steps forward and speaks up first.

" But Galvatron... what about the rest of us? Who will carry out the plans on Cybertron? "

" ... Stay here Dirge. Someone else will come for you. My task remains on earth. My..."Brother" will carry out the plans on cybertron..."

    Galvatron's decepticon band readies themselves for departure. Soon, they are gone. As the Blast door shuts behind them, the remaining Decepticons are left to wonder about who is coming for them. They need not wait any longer, as the blast door opens once more. Starscream stands before them, before giving way to another familiar figure. Galvatrons " brother " emerges to the surprise of the remaining decepticons. Their leader is among them once more. He speaks.

" I take it my other half has already come and taken his band to earth? Very well. Soundwave, my loyal comrade. Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet, my loyal warriors. Devastator, my mighty weapon. Come with me to Cybertron. Together, along with the traitorous wretch Starscream here... we crush Prime and his autobots before ripping the matrix from his chest. The key to vector Sigma will be ours, and Unicron will reward us greatly for this task..."

    The decepticons gather around their leader returned, and proclaim in one mighty voice...

" Our leader has returned to us... ALL HAIL MEGATRON !!! "

To be continued...