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Welcome to my personal Transformers Page

I love transformers. Ive been a fan since the beggining, and i am of course, a softy for the generation 1 'Formers. I HATE beast wars. ( srry peeps. ) But i am down with pretty much a the rest... ( I barely stomache "Armada", but "Energon" helpd to salvage it... I've followed and collected al the dreamwave and IDW comics. ( I really miss dreamwave... they had it down...) I LOVED the animated movie... remember going to the theaters to see it. And, oh yes.. i love optimus... hes my SECOND favorite 'Former of all time... second to.. ( you guessed it...) RODIMUS PRIME baby, yeah boi !!!

The above pic shows my SDCC exclusives...

The pic below shows more of my SDCC exclusives...

Best Transformers Moment Ever !!!